Save cost, but don't compromise.

Our reusable valve set is the best choice as the alternative to original Olympus valves.

Many prefer original, but want to save cost.

A lot of physicians do prefer original valves, because they would like to feel comfortable and be able to concentrate during the treatment.

Many want to save cost, but have no choice.

Those who want to save cost, have found that many of the the third-party products don't meet their needs. It is annoying or even unacceptable, if the air or water doesn't come out as wished or when leakage often happens. It is not a good deal if you have to trade the quality with the cost.

Now you have a choice.

Our olympus compatible valves are designed for the doctors or physicians who do prefer the original valves. The valves are proven to be the same quality as the original valves.  It is a good choice if you use our valves. 

Special spring 

The spring used in the air water valve has been developed and  thoroughly tested. Comfortable and durable.

Matt finished finger grip

Matt finished finger grip will reduce the chance of a finger slippage during the treatment.

Color coded button

Buttons of the air/water valve and suction valve are color coded with blue and red to help identification.

No latex used

The valves are not made with natural rubber latex to avoid allergic reactions.

If you are a Distributor

We are pleased to work with distributors.  Please contact us to have good products for your customer.

Huaco Accessories

All our accessories for endoscopes are designed to deliver the best possible quality and comfort to the physicians. For a physician, nothing is more important than the concentration, when a patient is in front of him

About Huaco

Founded 2013 in Bejing China, Huaco Healthcare is a yound and fast growing medical devide company, focused on developing and manufacturing the high quality endoscopy systems and accessories. 

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